General Information:

Our home standby emergency generators are state-of-the-art fully automatic electric power generating systems that provide quiet, reliable, clean, and safe emergency back-up power within seconds of an outage, whether you are home or away. The generators are permanently installed outdoors and are directly connected to the available fuel source, either natural gas or liquid propane (and diesel in some cases). In a power outage, your system takes care of everything so you don’t have to do a thing. It also self-exercises automatically every week for optimum reliability and performance, and alerts you if there are any problems. Please refer to our System Set-up and Operation section for more information on how the system works.

Our home standby residential generator systems sizes range from 8,000 Watts to 100,000 Watts and cost between $9,500 to over $45,000, installed. They are designed to meet your needs and budget, and can support either selected critical emergency circuits, or can run the entire house load. Please refer to our Sizes, Options, Prices & Specs section for more information.

Standby residential generator systems consist of a generator and an automatic transfer switch. Generators are internal combustion engines that produce electric power (measured in watts) at 120/240 Volts single phase (same as your home utility power). Engines are either air cooled (similar to motorcycles) or liquid cooled (similar to cars). Air cooled units range from 8,000-13,000 Watts of power with 2 cylinder engines (500-1,000cc) running at 3,600 RPM. Liquid cooled units range from 15,000-100,000 Watts of power with 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 cylinder engines (1.5-8.0 liter) running at 1,800 RPM. Automatic transfer switches are typically installed indoor near the main electrical panel(s). They monitor the house power and, whenever the utility power is out, automatically activate the generator and safely transfer power (Refer to System Set-up and Operation section for more information.)

All generators have appealing outdoor weatherproof enclosures (Process, Pictures) with internal mufflers to reduce the noise levels, which is between 70-73dB (@ 23 feet). Liquid cooled models can be equipped with custom sound-attenuated enclosures, further reducing the sound level down to 58-65dB. For more information including actual sound recordings, please refer to our Noise Levels section.