1. The process starts with the initial contact with one of our sales engineers, who will schedule to meet with you at your home, available within 24 hours but anytime at your convenience. The sales engineer will ask for a copy of your house plat and a copy of a recent utility bill, if available.

2. At the meeting, the sales engineer will make notes of your requirements and review the site and house construction specifics, the electro-mechanical systems, the utility meters, and the available fuel sources, and take detailed project pictures. He/she will also review and take back copies of the house plat and of the utility bills (if available), and discuss with you preliminary recommendations for sizes, placement, budget, etc.

3. The sales engineer will review all the project details with an in-house engineer to design a system for you with various options if requested, and develop and send you a cost proposal within 72 hours from the time of your meeting.

4. (Week 1) Upon receipt of your contract and deposit, a project engineer is assigned to your job and your equipment order is placed with our manufacturers. Lead time is 3 weeks for air cooled equipment and 10-12 weeks for liquid cooled equipment (unless we have same spec unit in transit as a stock order).

5. Within a week (Week 2), subject to your availability, the project engineer will meet you at your home to review the contract details including staking out the generator location, and perform a pre-construction review of the project for in-house purposes.

6. The project engineer will then apply for all the necessary permits through the appropriate jurisdictions (usually on Fridays). The permits are sometimes issued on the same day and can sometimes take up to 10 days (Week 3), depending on the permitting backlog. Some jurisdictions actually require the generator to be physically in place prior to issuing permits.

7. Within a week from receipt of our generators at our shop, they are scheduled for delivery and setting (Week 4). The work also includes ground preparation and concrete pad as required.

8. The following week (Week 5), all the electrical work (including inspection) is then scheduled and completed.

9. The following week (Week 6), all the natural gas/liquid propane gas work (including inspection) is then scheduled and completed.

10. Within 3 days from completion of all electro-mechanical work and receipt of all inspection approvals, subject to your availability, a certified start-up of the system is then scheduled (Week 7). An owner demonstration of the system is also provided at that time.

According to the above and allowing a contingency of 1 week in miscellaneous delays, you can expect your air cooled generator system to be complete and on line within 8 weeks from your order confirmation, weather permitting. For liquid cooled system, you can expect your generator system to be complete and on line within 10-16 weeks depending on the lead time of your generator. For those systems, the work task #7 above is skipped and done after work task # 9.