Construction-In-Progress Pictures:

In order to provide you with a visual description of the complete construction process, we have selected two whole house generator projects: a new home with a natural gas fueled system, and an existing home with a liquid propane fueled system. A third tab section shows pictures of other specific tasks from other projects which were not applicable in the two examples shown. All these pictures may be a bit eye opening for some of you, relax, this is all we do everyday. Every project starts with a detailed plan, and finishes with a systematic and timely execution. The examples below are extreme cases. Yet, we feel it is important for you to see our full capabilities.

New Home – Natural Gas
Existing Home – Liquid Propane
Misc. Other Tasks Pictures

New Home – Natural Gas
Proposed generator location
per approved site plan.
Site/driveway preparation work.
Main Disconnect installed & preparing sub-base for concrete pad.
Crane set-up-note paver protection from crane weight.
Setting of the concrete pad (pre-poured at our shop).
Preparing concrete pad (cutout) for electrical conduits.
Setting the generator.
Leveling the generator.
Installing electrical conduits and connecting to generator.
Outside electrical work and
tie-in completed.
Main house gas line stubbed-out per approved site plan.
Gas meter installed and connected to house gas line.
Generator gas line run from meter to opposite side of the house and stubbed-up.
Gas piping run and connected to the generator.
General location of automatic transfer switch per approved plans.
Installing ATS equipment and wiring; connecting it to the disconnect outside and to the electrical panels.
Inside electrical work and tie-in complete.
Final Step (not shown) – Certified start-up, testing and owner demonstration.

Existing Home – Liquid Propane
Proposed generator location as approved by Homeowner Association.
Site location of underground electrical lines from basement, through bushes and flagstone, asphalt driveway, and up through garage (on left).
Protection of inside work area.
Trenching and running electrical lines from panels out to driveway curb.
Trenching and running electrical lines from curb into garage.
New electrical lines connected to electrical panels.
Asphalt driveway patching, repairing and tamping.
Replanting and asphalt driveway cleanup.
Running electrical lines up through garage and installing main disconnect and ATS.
Main disconnect and ATS complete
Running electrical lines out through garage for final hook-up and tie-in to generator.
Delivering 1,000 gallon liquid propane tank.
Excavating, installing 1,000 gallon underground liquid propane tank;
Running gas piping underground and tying-in to generator.
Delivering and setting concrete pad and generator.
Final Step (not shown) – Certified start-up, testing and owner demonstration.

Misc. Other Tasks Pictures
Forming, pouring, and anchoring a structural slab on a 45 degree slope.
Installing new 2600 Amp service entrance rated transfer switch, including providing 48 hr temporary power and coordinating planned shutdown with utility company.