Who we are, how we got here, and where we’re headed!

In 1985 working as a construction company building custom homes, we began to see the desire for some people to have backup power. So we occasionally installed generator systems as part of the larger construction projects. After losing power during the storm in 1996, we realized that our entire metropolitan area was unprepared for such outages. The rapid growth in our area was starting to strain to the power grids and the financially troubled utilities were unlikely to invest in the expansion and maintenance of their network. Accordingly, we believed that the power problems would become worse and that there was a niche for a customer service oriented, professional company to provide turnkey back-up power solutions. It was therefore a natural transition for us to establish Bethesda Generator Systems, drop all other lines of business and specialize exclusively in the sales, installation, service, maintenance and warranty of automatic standby generator systems from residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Our office is located in Bethesda, Maryland and our shop is located in Bowie, Maryland, at the same locations since 1985, proudly serving the entire MD, DC, and VA Metropolitan areas.

We are authorized sales, service, and warranty dealers for many top generator and switchgear manufacturers, and we will design the best system for your application based on your specific requirements and your budget.

We offer turnkey, single source, full service emergency back-up power solutions using state of the art technology at the best possible value. Our in-house team of engineers, master electricians and gas fitters, diesel mechanics and factory certified technicians all have construction experience, and are very familiar with fire and building codes as well as local county ordinances and regulations. Accordingly, you are guaranteed a safe, cost-effective, and headache-free emergency generator system.

From initial contact, through system design, value engineering, civil work, electro-mechanical installation, service, preventive maintenance, and customer service, we promise you prompt, reliable, courteous, professional and personal service at the best possible value throughout the life of your generator system.

In addition to our residential customers partly represented in the Testimonials sections, our long list of satisfied customers includes nursing homes, hospitals and clinics, restaurants, data and communication centers, high-rise and community apartment buildings, hotels, medical and biotech facilities, supermarkets, insurance companies, defense contractors, County and State institutions, and the federal government.

Almost a decade ago we committed to dedicate ourselves exclusively to serving the area’s back-up power needs, and we have been fortunate with that decision.

Today, in-home businesses and medical care are both on the rise. County, State, and Federal regulations and requirements for required emergency generators are increasing. All this, as mother nature continues to bring us a steady stream of wind, rain, and ice storms, while power grids are overworked as the demand for power is increasing at a rate twice that of the overall capacity.

Accordingly, we believe the demand over the next decade will continue to rise for both residential and commercial applications.

At BGS's Generator Systems, we will continue improving and be ready to better serve your needs.